wm lp'gwj? ij Baron de Bastrop Recent News DOCUMENTARY Home The Baron Film Maker's Journal Donate About Bnex TV The Bastrop Historical Society The Bastrop Historical Society has preserved the rich historv of Bastrop County, Texas since the 1960 s. We're honored that our first four minute segment will be displayed in the Society's new Museum. This segment is in mid-production and will be completed as soon as final funding is obtained. Visit our DOXATE page if you'd like to help. The Leeuwarden Historical Center Special thanks to Jan Faber and everyone at the Leeuwarden Histoical Center in Leeuwarden. Friesland, the Netherlands. Jan s help has been invaluable in furnishing vital clues that allowed us to track the Baron's movements and uncover this latest information exonerating his reputation. The Center is in the very city where the Baron, in his previous identity as Philip Hendrkk Xering Bögel, once served as the Province s tax collector. We're very fortunate to have this association and truly appreciate Jan. who sen: If .vJl JjC'" *2 ofthehome and his family lived for eleven years before vanishing. Incredibly, the former home turned restaurant is across the street from the Historical Center. Thanks Jan! CBck on a headline to view The Baron's Good Reputation Restored For over half a century it was believed that the Baron abandoned his wife and four daughters in what is now the Netherlands. After years of research we have finally- discovered this information is absolutely wrong. Recent evidence proves his family accompanied the Baron to America where they all became United States citizens. The Nering Bogel Company Opening Scene Undenvay We re currently scouting locations and selecting costumes for the re-enactment scenes featured in the opening segment of "Mark of the Baron." We're excited to begin shooting this pivotal moment in Texas history when the Baron met Moses Austin in San Antonio de Bexar and the history of American's Texas began. Learn more about this significant turning point on the Baron page. Op de speciaal voor de te maken documentaire 'Mark of the Baron' gelanceerde, website van Bnex TV in Texas in de Verenigde Staten - http://www.barondebaslrop.com/ - worden de medewerkers van het Historisch Centrum Leeuwarden bedankt voor hun medewerking

Historisch Centrum Leeuwarden

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